Tattoo as an art. My story

Perhaps not everyone knows that the art of tattooing has very ancient origins, dating back to 3,000 BC. And it is precisely in the name of art that my interest was born, which was then transformed into a profession. I introduce myself. My name is Edwin Andres Torres Banguera , I am 32 years old and I am an artistic tattoo artist and a professional piercer . I was born in Colombia but have lived in Italy for about twenty years.

I took my first steps in the world of tattooing, which has always fascinated me, in a completely spontaneous way. But looking behind me, behind the decision to embrace the profession of tattoo artist , there is a passion nurtured from an early age: drawing. At the age of six I was already trying my hand at creating souls. At thirteen, I started making portraits.

The love for drawing accompanied me even when I became an adult. And this is how one evening about seven years ago, while I was struggling with a realistic portrait , a friend advised me to take the road of tattooing .

That warm suggestion motivated me to inform myself to understand how to transform my passion for artistic drawing into a new interest, on which to later build a profession. In order to deepen the technique of artistic tattoos , I then undertook courses held by an academy of high professional training.

At that time I had a fixed-term job in the electrical plant sector. A profession that had allowed me to save some money. Driven by the innate nature of knowing how to take risks to achieve my goals, I decided to invest all my savings in order to undertake the path of a tattoo artist.

Certainly a difficult choice from an economic point of view, but which allowed me to throw myself headlong into the new adventure in the world of tattoos. For a passionate spirit like mine, eager to cultivate their dreams and grow professionally, the consecutive step of setting up a business was really short.

To continue to deepen the art of tattoos, over the years I have participated in various courses and seminars. The new profession has therefore allowed me, not only to realize my natural inclination towards the entrepreneurial universe , but also to give free rein to my predisposition towards design . A vocation, which due to inevitable life events, I had to neglect for some time as a possible job, but which I have now finally managed to recover.